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  Antique & Vintage Quilts Antique & Vintage Quilts
Wrap yourself in history! Is there anything more warm and cozy and nostalgic than an antique quilt! Whether you are a quilter, collector, looking for design inspiration, or decorating, we have a wide variety of quilts to suit your fancy.
  Antique & Vintage Quilt Tops Antique & Vintage Quilt Tops
Vintage quilt tops are fast becoming a popular collectible. They take up less space than a completed quilt, and are generally less expensive. It is a wonderful alternative if you love to quilt, and not do the piecing. And some tops can offer a whole library of fabrics from generations ago.
  Antique & Vintage Quilt Blocks Antique & Vintage Quilt Blocks
What one woman started, you can finish...or maybe you just love collecting quilt blocks. It is a wonderful way of gathering vintage fabric samples in period quilt patterns. They are wonderful for crafts and for framing. The possibilities are endless!

Antique Quilts | Vintage Quilts | Antique Quilt Tops
Vintage Quilt Tops | Antique Quilt Blocks | Vintage Quilt Blocks
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